Monday, April 23, 2018

Battlefield Day 2018

Check out these great photos from Battlefield Day!

Room 222's Compost Journal - 4/3/18

Big Change!
We’ve noticed a huge change in the Jar. It has decomposed a lot! One of the leaves
have almost been worked down to it’s last remaining skin layer. Also, the soil has been
lowered. Which means decomposing is happening by the worms.
Most of the little newspaper strip have been decomposed, and probably in the next 2 or
so weeks, the Jar will be devoured and empty. So after some more of it is eaten we will
put in more fruit and vegetables to keep it going. Now to our report!

Sam’s Report
I’ve noticed that the Jar has been ¾ or so decomposed.
A lot of the organic material has been eaten by the 20 red worms.
We can’t see most of them, so I suspect that they used the soil to
make a little colony under the soil, which occurs with most worm
species. I see an orange peel and it’s top is left. About ¼ of it,
actually. So that’s all I’ve noticed right now.

Reaghan’s Report

The worms in really like their food and are eating
well. They have quickly devoured most of the food
in the jar and have almost completely skinned a
leaf that we put in. They like to hide but we
managed to see a few of them in the jar.
The newspaper scraps still remain.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Room 219 Compost Journal - 4/09/18

A lot has changed in this worm habitat.  The cucumber has rotted, a leaf is growing mold
and surprisingly nothing has happened to the blueberry.

By Matthew R. and Violet B.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Room 219 Compost Journal - 4/2/18

Mold has started growing on the top. Today we also added a blueberry and pice of cucumber. The news paper, leaves, etc. have moved towards the bottom of the jar. You can't see the worm from the outside of the jar.

By: Dylan Kaplan and Binny Badal